Cottage Ham in Crock Pot

Cottage ham (sometimes called butt) is a great meal for the crock pot.

cottage ham in crock pot cottage ham and potatoes crock pot with cottage ham potatoes and beans
Put your ham in the crock pot with about one quart of water. Next,add diced potatoes and 1 teaspoon of pepper. Last add green beans and chopped onion (optional).

No crock pot? You can always cook this meal on medium heat on the stove.

Cook ham in water for about an hour.

Then add green beans, potatoes, onion and pepper.

Continue to cook for another two hours on medium heat.

If you are going to be around the house you can stagger adding the ingredients to the crock pot as well. Cook the cottage ham, onion and pepper for about two hours.

Then add potatoes and cook for another hour.

Add beans and cook for at least another two hours.

In order for the ham to be tender it needs at least five hours in the crock pot.

This everyday idea for dinner is great served with a fresh tossed salad and warm butter bread.

Don't forget dessert ! It makes a great meal even sweeter :).

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